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How Film Financing Works

1 Sourcing

Screencrib finds awesome creatives with well thought out film projects who are looking for financing. We request from them creative, legal and financial documentation so we can complete due diligence on a project before hosting it as a unique offering to our Screencrib community.

2 Onboarding

Screencrib signs an agreement with the creatives to onboard their film onto our platform.

3 Financing

The film is placed on the platform with dates as to when the financing round will open and close. Once on the platform you will be able to view the project and assess if it is the correct investment for you.

4 Production

Once a round closes Screencrib sends funds, which have up until this date been held in escrow, to the film’s specific SPV so that the creatives can utilise the funds to complete tasks in line with their production and financing schedule. The film is produced.

5 Box Office Release

On release, revenue starts to come in. People involved in the production are paid according to a Recoupment Schedule, which specifies the order in which people are paid out (please check your contract before signing as this is project specific).

6 Net Profits

Once everyone has been paid, any further revenue generated for example from sales or royalties (Net Profit), is split between the financiers and creatives, according to the contractually agreed Recoupment Schedule.

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